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Edward Allegretti

bulletMississippi Missives - “Strong anti-Christian sentiments” in Bay Area (4/3/05)
bulletNotable Neighbor: Dom Cortese, "The Dom" (3/6/05)
bulletEd Allegretti’s Mississippi Missives - Friendly Southern folks (3/6/05)
bulletChampion of Homeowners’ Rights Departs Historical Heritage Commission (2/5/05)
bulletLatter-Day “Jesus” Visits Future Vineyard (12/5/04)
bulletNNV Notable Neighbor: “Major-General The Hon. Paul R. Teilh” (12/5/04)
bulletProducing Wine in the East Foothills? Family-style Vista Vineyards (10/31/04)
bulletCounty Historical Commission - Less onerous Preservation Ordinance (10/31/04)
bulletCounty Historical Commission - Less onerous Preservation Ordinance (10/3/04)
bulletCounty Historical Commission - Less onerous Preservation Ordinance (9/5/04)
bulletMystical Convergence Brings Dresser Back Home (9/5/04)
bulletCounty Historical Commission, Less Onerous Preservation Ordinance (8/1/04)
bulletCalifornia Pioneers of Santa Clara County (8/1/04)
bulletCounty Historical Heritage Commission Meets Again (6/6/04)
bulletExplorer Anza in Santa Clara County, Part 2 (5/2/04)
bulletCounty Historical Commission - Less onerous Preservation Ordinance (5/2/04)
bulletExplorer Anza in Santa Clara County (4/4/04)
bulletCounty Historical Commission Makes Preservation Grants (4/4/04)
bulletForsake the Bay Area for Mississippi? (3/7/04)
bulletFebruary Historical Heritage Commission Meeting (3/7/04)
bulletThe Californio - Rancho La Polka? What happened to the Indians? (2/1/04)
bulletSons of Confederate Veterans - The debate goes on! (2/1/04)
bulletThe Founding of San Jose: Eleven score and six years ago last week … (12/7/03)
bulletHistorical Heritage Commission Meeting on Proposed Ordinance (12/7/03)
bulletWhere are the Alum Rock Falls?  Why can't we go there? (11/2/03)
bulletOfficial Visit to East Foothills by President of Province of Florence, Italy (11/2/03)
bulletRecollections of Alum Rock Park - Part 2 (11/2/03)
bulletPreservation vs. Property Rights in Santa Clara County (10/5/03)
bulletRecollections of Old Alum Rock Park (10/5/03)
bulletRock Canyon Circle - Indians near Alum Rock Park (9/7/03)
bulletThe Sheriffs - Part 3: This time, Ed is caught carrying a gun (9/7/03)
bulletSchool Days at Linda Vista - Fifth-grader Ed gets in hot water (8/3/03)
bulletThe Sheriffs, Part 2 (8/3/03)
bulletThe Sheriffs (Part 1) (6/1/03)
bulletSome Old Businesses (6/1/03)
bulletOld Houses in Our Neighborhoods (5/4/03)
bulletSan Jose Country Club - More than 100 years (4/6/03)
bulletMt. Hamilton - James Lick, Rev. Laurentine Hamilton, ... (4/6/03)
bulletSan Antonio Valley - A ride over the hill in a '67 Mustang (3/9/03)

East Hills Land Ownership in Colonial Times (2/8/03)

Meaghan Clawsie (

bulletCircus Wagons Circle Peterson Trial in Redwood City (3/7/04)
bulletOn the Side of Angels: A Profile of Judge Brian Walsh (10/5/03)
bulletA Good Time For A Good Cause: Tales from YSI Thrift & Gift (8/3/03)
bulletTalking Trash (and Treasure) with Brian Bumb of the SJFM (5/4/03)

Miguelito Bridge Improvements Span Several Years (2/8/03)


Miguelito Bridge Project Update (1/6/03)


Alum Rock Branch Library Planning (12/2/02)


Reflections on the October 2000 Fire Near Alum Rock Park (12/2/02)

Dorothy "D.J." Johnson, YSI

bulletBeloved Thirty-Five Year YSI Resident Owl Passes Away (8/7/05)
bulletThe Butterflies of Alum Rock Park- Intriguing courtship habits revealed (8/7/05)
bulletCanis latrans: America’s – and Alum Rock Park’s – Barking Dog (4/3/05)
bulletWild Turkey Tales - Giant Gobblers nest and fly in Alum Rock Park (2/5/05)
bulletWest Nile Virus – “Coming soon to a theater near you” (10/3/04)
bulletBirders Flock to Alum Rock Park for Rare Sightings (8/1/04)
bulletA Tale of Two Birds  (6/6/04)
bulletBushtits, Brown Creepers and Towhees, Oh My! (4/4/04)
bulletEyes in the Sky - "The perfect predator" (2/1/04)
bulletAutumn in Alum Rock Park (12/7/03)
bulletCurious Corvids or Those Darn Jays (10/5/03)
bulletWoodpeckers - Alum Rock Park's Avian Carpenters (8/3/03)

Alum Rock Park - A Birder's Perspective (6/1/03)

Arvind Kumar, California Native Plant Society 

bulletNative Streetscaping - Lake Cunningham’s Tully Road frontage facelift (11/5/06)
bulletSeasonal Color With California Bulbs - Used in Europe for a century (9/3/06)
bulletPoppy Secrets Unveiled - Keep California poppies blooming (8/6/06)
bulletLocal Natives for San Jose Gardens - "My favorite locally native plants" (5/7/06)
bulletIn Praise of Ribes - Currants and gooseberries add color (4/2/06)
bulletSpring Native Plant Sale - Don’t miss it this time! (4/2/06)
bulletCelebrating Ceanothus - Heavenly blues, shiny leaves – blooming now (3/5/06)
bullet34th Annual Wildflower Show (3/5/06)
bullet4th Annual Going Native Garden Tour (3/5/06)
bulletThe Native Gardener’s Guide to the Thompson & Morgan Catalog (2/5/06)
bulletGardens Sought for Going Native Garden Tour – Want to Show Yours Off? (2/5/06)
bulletToyon Brings Good Cheer - Native lights up winter landscape (11/6/05)
bulletNative Nurseries for South Bay Gardeners (10/2/05)
bulletSummer Favorites - California Native Plants thrive in East San Jose (9/4/05)
bulletCNPS Fall Native Plant Sale - Natives for stunning spring displays (9/4/05)
bulletHow to Succeed With Native Plants - A plant is not a couch (6/5/05)
bulletStewards of the Land - How one couple is restoring their ranch in San Jose (5/1/05)
bulletA Planter Box in San Francisco - Native gardening in small spaces by (4/3/05)
bulletThe Wildflower Top 10 (Again!) - Annuals to evoke delight and astonishment (3/6/05)
bulletThe Garden in Winter (2/5/05)
bulletGrowing the Garden - Plants displacing concrete (12/5/04)
bulletA Native Mixed Border - Color during spring as well as summer (10/31/04)
bulletA Time for Indolence - Summer in the native garden (9/5/04)
bulletMore Plants for Summer - How to add color and habitat to your garden (8/1/04)
bulletA Sunny Threesome: Mixing colors, textures, and fragrances  (6/6/04)
bulletBunchgrasses and Forbs for the Garden Provide Year-round Interest (5/2/04)
bulletThe Wildflower Top 10 (4/4/04)
bulletGoing Native Garden Tour, Includes Eastside Gardens (4/4/04)
bullet32nd Annual Wildflower Show - Idea Resource (3/7/04)
bulletJudging a Garden by its Groundcover: Native Alternatives (2/1/04)
bulletA Sense of Place: Making your garden truly Californian (12/7/03)
bulletComments on Gardening Article (11/2/03)

Bracey Tiede, UC Cooperative Extension Master Gardener

bulletNovember Hot Topics (11/5/06)
bulletOctober Hot Topics (10/8/06)
bulletSeptember Hot Topics (9/3/06)
bulletAugust Hot Topics (8/6/06)
bulletInterested in Becoming a Master Gardener? (8/6/06)
bulletJune Hot Topics (6/4/06)
bulletMay Hot Topics (5/7/06)
bulletApril Hot Topics (4/2/06)
bulletMarch Hot Topics (3/5/06)
bulletFebruary Hot Topics (2/5/06)
bulletNovember Hot Topics (11/6/05)
bulletOctober Hot Topics (10/2/05)
bulletSeptember Hot Topics (9/4/05)
bulletAugust Hot Topics (8/7/05)
bulletJune Hot Topics (6/5/05)
bulletMay Hot Topics (5/1/05)
bulletDid You “Go Native”? - Going Native Garden Tour - Big Success (5/1/05)
bulletApril Hot Topics (4/3/05)
bulletMarch Hot Topics (3/6/05)
bulletThe 2005 Native Wildflower Season is here! - Behold the feast of color (3/6/05)
bulletFebruary Hot Topics (2/5/05)
bulletDecember/January Hot Topics (12/5/04)
bulletNovember Hot Topics (10/31/04)
bulletOctober Hot Topics (10/3/04)
bulletSeptember Hot Topics (9/5/04)
bulletAugust Hot Topics (8/1/04)
bulletCooperative Extension is Saved (8/1/04)
bulletJune/July Hot Topics (6/6/04)
bulletMay Hot Topics (5/2/04)
bulletApril Hot Topics (4/4/04)
bulletMarch Hot Topics (3/7/04)
bulletJanuary/February Hot Topics (2/1/04)
bulletDecember Hot Topics (12/7/03)
bulletNovember Hot Topics (11/2/03)
bulletOctober Hot Topics (10/5/03)
bulletSeptember Hot Topics (9/7/03)
bulletAugust Hot Topics (8/3/03)
bulletJune Hot Topics (6/1/03)
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Contributing Officials

San Jose City Councilmember Nora Campos

bulletCall Owner to Keep Rents Affordable in Alum Rock Village (6/4/06)
bulletCouncilmember Campos Promises her Support for Water Tender (6/5/05)
bulletSan Jose Fire Department Reductions for the East Side? (Response 4/4/04)
bulletIs Councilmember Campos soliciting ideas for the Alum Rock Feed & Fuel corner? (Response 4/4/04)
bulletAs Planes Go Up, Home Values Go Down (Response 2/1/04)
bulletDistrict 5 Community Update (9/7/03)
bulletSan Jose Budget Concerns Will Not Affect Alum Rock Library (3/9/03)

Santa Clara County Librarian Melinda Cervantes

bulletFinal Results of Santa Clara County Library May 3 Special Election (8/7/05)
bulletSanta Clara County Library passes Measure A, not Measure B (6/5/05)

San Jose Fire Department Chief Jeff Clet

bulletFire Chief Jeff Clet: Moving the Water Tender is better than eliminating it (6/5/05)

CDF Director Ruben Grijalva

bulletNeighbor Ruben Grijalva Named California’s Fire Chief - Q&A (6/4/06)

San Jose Fire Department Captain José Guerrero

bulletDefensible Space? Here's how to prepare for fire season! (5/7/06)

San Jose Fire Department Captain Juan Diaz

bulletLive in a Wildlands Urban Interface Zone? (5/1/05)

State Assemblymember Manny Diaz


State Budget Crisis and Local Healthcare Issues (1/6/03)

Regional Medical Center of San Jose CEO Bill Gilbert

bulletHealthcare “issues” spur Regional - Trauma service contract being finalized (5/1/05)
bulletRegional Prepares for Possible December Trauma Center Review (12/5/04)

James Lick High School Co-Director Joel Herrera

bulletNew Realities at James Lick - Big changes for students below grade level (9/5/04)
bulletA Report On Academic Progress at JLHS (8/1/04)

U.S. Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren

bulletPombo’s Road: $2 million for study a waste of taxpayers' money (4/3/05)
bulletSeason's Greetings: NNV Song, Message from Congresswoman Lofgren Just for You! (12/7/03)

ARUESD Superintendent Elect Norma Martinez

bulletNew ARUESD Superintendent Will “Maintain the Course” (6/4/06)

Santa Clara County Supervisor Pete McHugh

bulletCounty Parks and Recreation Celebrates 50 Years (11/5/06)
bulletCounty’s New Viewshed Policy for Hillside Development (10/8/06)
bulletState Approves $35.5 Million County Mental Health Plan (9/3/06)
bulletTwo Countywide Measures on the June 6 Ballot (6/4/06)
bulletJim McEntee Legacy Art Project (5/7/06)
bulletCounty “Ethics Task Force” on the Horizon (3/5/06)
bulletCounty Board Approves $3.2 Million for Juvenile Ranch (12/4/05)
bulletCommunity Health Partnership Implements Change (11/6/05)
bulletCounty Moves Forward on Children’s Shelter Reuse Initiatives (10/2/05)
bulletBoards and Commissions Vacancies in District Three (8/7/05)
bulletCounty Supervisors Approve Contract for RMC Trauma Center (6/5/05)
bulletCounty Names Plaza after East Hills Notable Neighbor Jim McEntee (6/5/05)
bulletCounty Receives Federal Grant, Eastside schools should benefit (3/6/05)
bulletVoters to Decide on Countywide and Local Ballot Measures (10/31/04)
bulletRecommended Budget: Countywide Service Reductions (6/6/04)
bulletBioterrorism, Disaster Preparation in Santa Clara County (5/2/04)
bulletBudget Strategies for a Sustainable County (3/7/04)
bulletState of the County Address (2/1/04)
bulletMajor County Budget Challenges, Comments Requested (5/4/03)
bulletState of the County (3/9/03)

County Supervisor Pete McHugh Welcomes New Neighborhood Voice (12/2/02)

Santa Clara County Roads & Airports Department Director Michael Murdter

bulletCounty Roads Funding Outlook (4/6/03) 

James Lick High School Principal Bernardo Olmos

bulletJames Lick Principal Olmos Addresses the Community (9/7/03)
bulletResponse to Ahmad Abu-Shumays' Letter (6/1/03) 

San Jose Fire Department Captain Ralph Ortega 

bulletNew San Jose Fire Department Wildland Program Manager (12/7/03)

San Jose City Councilmember Chuck Reed

bulletBe the First to Know (About San Jose planning permits, etc.) (10/2/05)
bulletPenitencia Creek Flood Flow Bypass Channel for Toe of ARP Landslide (6/5/05)
bulletAlum Rock Park Quail Hollow Bridge Replacement (8/1/04)
bulletPenitencia Creek Trail Plans (3/7/04)
bulletAlum Rock Park Update (8/3/03)

Alum Rock Park Update (1/6/03)

James Lick High School Co-Director Bill Rice

bulletDeath Valley: A Community Experience (12/5/04)
bulletJames Lick Moves Into New Era - API increase impressive, More to be done (10/3/04)

Santa Clara Valley Water District Director Richard P. Santos

bulletSCV Water District – Ready to Answer Water Quality Questions (5/1/05)

Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie Smith


Mail Theft Response from Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie Smith (1/6/03)

Alum Rock Youth Center Supervisor Ed Solis 
bulletAlum Rock Youth Center - The Model Program for Youth (12/7/03)

Lt. Kristen Tarabetz, Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office

bulletUnlawful Marijuana Cultivation (8/6/06)

Superintendent Ken Van Meter, Milpitas Christian Schools

bulletSpelling Whiz Brian Nguyen - D.C. Bound! (5/7/06)
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Contributing Writers

Roger Abe, Alum Rock Park Ranger

bulletKnock-Knock, Knock-Knock? Knock-Knock-Knock!!! (10/8/06)
bulletSpringtime Haiku (5/7/06)
bulletWhat Do You Know About the Alum Rock Railroads? (5/7/06)
bulletLet’s Protect Our Creek! Join the preservation effort (5/7/06)
bulletPoetry Event - Haiku in the Teahouse (4/2/06)
bulletRed Poison Oak - A Poem (11/6/05)
bulletAlum Rock Park - July, 2005 - Haiku (8/7/05)
bulletLooking for a Fun Date on Saturday? Try Alum Rock Park! (6/5/05)
bulletAlum Rock Park Earth Day Report (6/5/05)

Abaan Abu-Shumays

bulletPonderables - Thoughts for our unsettled times (9/7/03)

Zoroastrian Temple on Crothers Road (2/8/03)

Ahmad Abu-Shumays


Volunteering at JLHS: Preparing for Calculus Exams (6/1/03) 

Pat Accorinti 
bulletJapantown Farmer's Market: A Great Place to Shop - Open All Year (12/7/03)

Peter Albert
bulletNotable Neighbor: San Jose High-Tech Pioneer Paul Albert (4/2/06)

Janet Alexander, WCSV 
bulletWildlife Center of Silicon Valley - We're in your neighborhood! (9/7/03)

Connie Allegretti 
bulletLas Delicias Mexican Restaurant Reviewed (4/4/04)
bulletWhite Rock Café - It was the perfect place for Valentines Day (3/7/04)
bulletOur Local Supermarkets - Save Mart, Albertsons and Pak'n Save (10/5/03)

Joyce Baker
bulletChildren's Book Sale at Cruz/Alum Rock Library (4/2/06)
bulletSave the Date for a Special Date With Romance! Try a little Romance (12/4/05)
bulletEastside FISH Volunteers Provide Emergency Sustenance (11/6/05)
bulletFriends of the Library Active at New Cruz/Alum Rock Branch (11/6/05)
bulletCity of San Jose "Friends of the Library" Groups Meet to "Regroup" (11/2/03)
bulletPrusch Park Harvest Festival (11/2/03)
bulletEast Side Fish - Serving those in need in seven zip codes (8/3/03) 

Bonnie Bamburg

bulletAlum Rock Park Railroads to be Commemorated - Get on board (11/5/06)
bulletMark's Hot Dogs - East side landmark makes new home (4/6/03)

Ruth Brewster

bulletWarner Heights Loses Battle to Maintain Placid Status Quo (12/4/05)

Richard Brown

bulletRichard Brown’s Alum Rock Park - Vivaldi's Choice (11/5/06)
bulletSwallow-Tailed Aviators Train and Dine in Alum Rock Park (8/6/06)
bulletWarm Weather Brings Out Alum Rock Park Critters (6/4/06)
bulletFrom Birding to Snorkeling - Snorkeling in Alum Rock Park? (4/2/06)
bulletWhen I had the 20D - Murphy and the shutter gods (3/5/06)
bulletRichard Brown’s Alum Rock Park Holiday - Red-tails soaring high (2/5/06)
bulletAlum Rock Park - Eye-Level Hawks, a “Tentative” Tarantula (12/4/05)
bulletPressed for Time? Need New Tires? Neighbor recommends nifty new service (12/4/05)

Nancy Bugwadia, MS, RD, CNSD, Regional Medical Center

bulletHealthy Living Healthy Eating on the Run: A Month of Tips (6/4/06)

Lark Burkhart, Santa Clara County Open Space Authority

bulletSpring is Busting out on the Boccardo Trail - Hike on March 11th (3/5/06)
bulletBirds and Volunteers Defy the Rain for the Annual Christmas Bird Count (2/5/06)
bulletBoccardo Trail Christmas Bird Count Scheduled for December 18 (12/4/05)

LaJune Bush 

bulletThe Coffee Cup in Country Club Villa: Be There or be Square! (12/7/03)

Kathleen Cahill & Trudi Burney, WCSV

bulletNotable Neighbors: Spaulding Norris (8/3/03) 

Terry Carolan 

bulletNora; Negligent on Noise - Airport Meeting Disappointing (3/7/04)

As Planes Go Up, Home Values Go Down (2/1/04)

Brad Clawsie

bulletEast Hills Parks For Hikers and Runners - Grant County Park (3/9/03)
bulletServing New Neighborhood Voice (3/9/03)

East Hills Parks For Hikers and Runners (2/8/03)

David Cohen

bulletDavid Cohen for Berryessa School Board (11/5/06)

Pat Congdon, Santa Clara County Open Space Authority

bulletBird counters flock to Alum Rock Park - Audubon Christmas Bird Count 2004 (2/5/05)

Alan Craig 

bulletShould BART Skip Alum Rock and Berryessa for Now? (10/5/03)

Gaye Dabalos 

bulletQualities of a Great School Board Member - Put CHILDREN first (10/31/04)
bullet Alum Rock Education Foundation - For the children of ARUSD (2/1/04)

Jenny Derry, Santa Clara County Farm Bureau

bulletFarmers’ and Ranchers’ Concerns Ignored by Conservation Initiative (8/6/06)

James Desmond

bulletWe Need Pombo’s Road – And It Must be Built! The road is essential (10/2/05)

Mike and Joan Destro

bulletAlum Rock Avenue - "One of the most delightful drives in the State" (9/7/03)
bulletAlum Rock Avenue Widening Opposition Campaign (4/6/03)

Mark DeTar

bulletMary Bumb DeTar, 1952-2006 - Requiescat in pace (8/6/06)

Sandra Dixon 

bulletHigh-Energy Dance Festival at Linda Vista was a Community Event (8/7/05)
bulletFifth-Graders' Rite of Passage at Linda Vista (8/7/05)
bulletAffordable Housing Fair Draws 3,500 (5/1/05)

Peter Drekmeier

bulletSanta Clara County Land Conservation Initiative (6/4/06)
bulletEnvironmentalists Launch Land Conservation Initiative (3/5/06)

Elizabeth Driedger

bulletPlayful, Loving Kitty for Adoption, "Shadow" (8/3/03) 

Anne Dunham, Youth Science Institute

bulletOf Time and Space - Teaching science: past, present and future (4/6/03)

Filling the Vase (2/8/03)

Craig Dunkerley

bulletClean Money Bill Passes Assembly! (3/5/06)
bullet“Clean Money, Fair Elections” – Yes, it could be done! (9/4/05)

Robin Edwards

bullet48Hour Film Challenge – Neighborhood producer confers with Paris-ites (2/5/06)
bulletTaqueria Time! Great tacos and seafood for your MHP tour - or anytime (10/3/04)
bullet“When in Rome” - Another take on Las Delicias Restaurant (8/1/04)
bulletThe Mediterranean Garden - Hillside expansive soil problems (4/4/04)

David Elizarraraz

bulletThree Strikes, You're Out - Recall Esau Herrera (3/7/04)

Rebecca Elliot, League of California Cities

bulletLocal Land Use Decisions Made in Sacramento? (10/31/04)

Victoria Emmons, Regional Medical Center of San Jose

bulletA Silent Voice (11/5/06)
bulletRegional Medical Center partners in Regional Golf for Health 2006 (10/8/06)
bulletRegional Medical Center Employee Honored For Volunteerism (9/3/06)
bulletSan Jose Regional Medical Center Duo Wins National Recognition (8/6/06)
bulletRegional Opens New Center for Advanced Imaging (5/7/06)
bulletProfile: Emiro Burbano, MD, Elected RMC Chief of Staff (4/2/06)
bulletNew Support Groups Launched at Regional Medical Center (3/5/06)
bulletMeet RMC’s New Chief Nursing Officer Darina Kavanagh (2/5/06)

Jamie Evans

bulletCo-Existing With Wildlife: The Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley (11/5/06)

Kathy Evans

bulletAuthor Chris Crutcher Shares Wit and Wisdom with JLHS Students (5/7/06)
bulletJames Lick Update - Every student “oriented” at new Alum Rock Library (12/4/05)
bulletLick Up-date - Busy, fun times at JLHS; 4.0 students honored (3/6/05)

Lizelle Festejo

bulletGive the Gift of Reading! Become a Reading/Writing Tutor for an Adult (10/2/05)

Enrique Flores

bulletIt takes a Village to Educate a Teenager - “Scholarships for girls?” (4/2/06)
bulletEast Side HEROES - You can be a hero to outstanding East Side girls (3/5/06)
bulletOne Eastside Boy’s Life - Survives gangs, enters Bellarmine and SCU (2/5/06)

Andrea Flores Shelton

bulletARNNE (“Arnie”) Ready For You to Add Your Voice - It’s free! (11/5/06)
bulletLet’s Find a Way to Communicate! Alum Rock E-List Serve? (9/3/06)
bulletAnnexation: Four Good Reasons Why We Need It (6/4/06)

Tanya Freudenberger 

bulletNNV Farewell – You’re invited (11/5/06)
bulletFarewell Party for Nora Conte - Retiring Alum Rock librarian (11/5/06)
bulletHelp ARYC add programs and resources – Sell your treasures, buy new ones (10/2/05)
bulletPACT Meeting With Councilmember Nora Campos (11/2/03)
bullet"Black Spots," Garbage and Litter at Alum Rock and White (10/5/03)
bulletEast Hills Community Association "Revival" Update (9/7/03)

David Frizzell  

bulletAlum Rock Air Disaster - Parts, engines and body parts rained down (2/5/06)

Lori Karadunis Frost

bulletWhite Road Food Lockers - A little piece of Alum Rock history (5/7/06)

Donna Furuta

bulletGrieving Parr Eves Follows Pastor Wife Mary Parker-Eves in Death (8/7/05)

Nancy Garrison, UC Cooperative Extension Master Gardener Program Coordinator

bulletMaster Gardeners & Cooperative Extension Need our Help (4/4/04)

Miki Gash

bulletYSI Volunteers find darnedest stuff in Thrift Shop donations – and return it! (2/5/05)

Kate Gates

bulletRunning the Boston Marathon on Behalf of Two Others (5/7/06)

Dan Gentile

bulletSan Jose Grand Prix Up-Close and Personal - Report to NNV Readers (9/4/05)
bulletAlum Rock Avenue’s Joe Leonard, a True Local Legend of Motor Sports (6/5/05)
bulletWilly T Ribbs, a Racecar Driver - James Lick graduate became a star (5/1/05)
bulletNora Campos Supports San Jose Grand Prix - East Foothills connections! (2/5/05)

Al Gonzales

bulletAlum Rock District Celebrates and Honors Its Employees (8/6/06)

Lara Gularte

bulletMy Father Remembers 1941 - Portuguese immigrants shaped Foothills (11/5/06)
bulletEast Foothills Turning - A poem (11/5/06)
bulletPutting My Shadows Away For The New Year - A poem (2/5/06)
bulletCalvary Cemetery, 1882 to the 21st Century, Part V - And another poem (11/6/05)
bulletFinding my Great Grandmother at Calvary Catholic Cemetery - A poem (6/5/05)
bulletGrandpa Tony's Orchard - A poem (8/1/04)
bulletCalifornia Early Spring - A Poem (4/4/04)

Leti Gutierrez

bulletPresident of Teachers’ Union Responds (4/2/06)

Nancy Gutierrez

bulletUrban Arts Festival at Lick High School Sponsored by Renaissance Academy (5/1/05)
bulletRenaissance Kids Wow Parents, Community (5/1/05)
bulletRenaissance Academy - “Small Schools” exemplar in our neighborhood (3/6/05)

Rick Hartman

bulletMeasure A Rigid, Inflexible and Insensitive - County plan far superior (10/8/06)
bulletCommittee Helps Design Building Criteria for Hillsides (3/5/06)

Marci Hayden 

bulletAttract and Protect Wildlife in Your Garden (10/5/03)

Lee Hayward
bulletARUMC’s Interim Pastor Addresses the Church Community (4/3/05)

Alan Henninger
bulletBees With PMS? Reduced bee pollination means less food! (4/3/05)

Nella Henninger

bulletRomeo and Juliet – A performance worthy of every superlative! (4/2/06)
bulletMaster Gardeners in Our Midst - Look for their green thumbs (11/6/05)
bulletJames Lick Death Valley Field Studies Program (11/2/03)

Lick High's Project Earth Turns Kids into Environmentalists (6/1/03)


Some Winners (6/1/03)

Wil Henninger 

bullet"I Feel Lucky to Have Attended James Lick" (9/7/03)

Karen Hokanson
bulletJoan Elenore Petersen Balcom, 3/29/25 – 10/22/06 (11/5/06)

Sally Holt
bulletLike to Paint? Sculpt? Want to Hobnob With Eastside Artists? (4/2/06)

Linda Karadunis
bulletRecollections of McKee and White Roads Intersection “Back in the Day” (8/6/06)

Neena Kirschner
bulletUnderstanding Bird Flu - Part 2  - How to protect your family (10/8/06)
bulletUnderstanding Bird Flu - How to protect yourself and your family (9/3/06)

Doug Kleinhenz
bulletRenaissance Kids Wow Parents, Community (5/1/05)

Judith Knutson
bullet"A Teacher for City Council" - Beth Gonzales is the right choice (4/3/05)

Lee Kopp
bulletBallet San Jose shortens name ... adds dancers (9/3/06)
bulletMt. Hamilton Neighbor, Dennis Nahat, Announces New Ballet Season (9/4/05)

Charlotte Lewis
bulletGoats on the Boccardo Trail reduce invasive plants and wildfire fuel (9/4/05)

John Leyba
bulletWhy I Am Voting For Proposition 74 (11/6/05)
bulletA New Old Way to Ride (10/2/05)
bulletAlum Rocks Again - Great jazz, fine barbeque, enthusiastic audience (9/4/05)
bulletAlum Rocks Again! Jazz and Barbecue downtown on June 17 (5/1/05)

Tony Logan
bulletWant to Find Out Who’s Stealing Your Mail? One neighbor’s solution (8/6/06)

Sylvia Lowe
bulletOverfelt Gardens – Eastside Treasure – Part 2 - Mildred Overfelt (5/7/06)
bulletOverfelt Gardens and Chinese Cultural Garden - McKee Road Marvel (4/2/06)

Deva Luna
bulletCommunity Building, One Step at a Time - Neighbors forge new ties (12/4/05)
bulletThe Farm Kitchen “We were expecting twins, but got quintuplets” (4/3/05)

Joanne Makishima

bulletWhat’s So Good About James Lick? Ten reasons to choose Lick (5/1/05)

Evalyn Martinez 

bullet110 Years Old - Lyndale resident lived eleven decades (2/1/04)

Chris Miller

bulletThai White Rock Cafe  - A neighborhood jewel reviewed (3/6/05)

Stephanie Mitchum Murphy

bulletMarguerite Terrace Now Offers New Flexible Rental Option (12/4/05)

Margaret Montgomery

bulletMusic Lives! at Foothill Presbyterian Church (6/4/06)

Tina Morgado

bullet“Celebrating Our Diversity” St. John Vianney’s Fiesta coming up soon (5/1/05)

Susanne Mulcahy, Youth Science Institute

bullet“A Splendid Autumn Afternoon” at Deckers' Gorgeous Craftsman Home (11/6/05)

Tomoko Nakajima

bullet“Operation: Sharper Image” (11/5/06)

Kirsten Nelson

bulletAfter Rafiki's - Help us get Peet's Coffee here! (4/2/06)

Lorraine Oback, San Jose Public Library

bulletOn Time AND Under Budget!! Grand Opening of Our New Library (8/7/05)
bulletApply for a Library Card, Pay Fines from Home, Work or School! (8/7/05)

Spencer Olsson Nitkey

bulletYoung Writer Pens Timely Poetry - A Winter Poem (2/5/05)
bulletFall Leaves - A Poem (10/3/04)
bulletPussy Willow - A poem (6/6/04)

Comfort Olsson

bullet"Walter the Witcher" Finds Water (12/7/03)

Thoughts on JLHS, Our Seven Children Attended Lick (6/1/03)

Doug Paganelli, Hubbard Administrator

bulletHubbard Eagles Learn On the Run (5/7/06)

Jason Papier

bulletThe Incredible Shrinking Dollar - Why is the dollar falling? Is this good or bad? (5/1/05)
bulletFunding Your Child's Education - Part 4, Creating and maintaining a plan (10/3/04)
bulletFunding Your Child's Education - Part 3, How much should you save? (9/5/04)
bulletFunding Your Child's Education - Part 2, Prices continue to rise (8/1/04)
bulletFunding Your Child's Education, Make your dollar stretch farther (6/6/04)

Eileen Parks 

bulletThe Real Estate Market in Perspective - Don’t panic! (11/5/06)
bulletBig Payoff on Home Remodeling - Update will pay for itself in $$ and pleasure (2/5/06)
bulletFoothill Presbyterian Concert Series- Music Director Jay Jordana (10/2/05)
bulletSan Jose Country Club - A New Face; Charming Brit at SJCC (8/7/05)
bulletAnother Strong Local Real Estate Year for 2005? Review and Trends (2/5/05)
bulletBiology Major Marries Med Student - Becomes the "Realestatelady" (12/7/03)

Dana Peak, SCC Historical Heritage Commission

bulletCounty Commission Readies Historic Preservation Ordinance (3/5/06)

Jennifer Pineda

bulletBrain Buster Tournament at ARYC (5/2/04)

Mary Parker-Eves, Pastor, Alum Rock United Methodist Church

bulletAn Alum Rock Pastor Discusses Same-Gender Marriage (4/4/04)

Dr. John Pollock, SJSU

bulletLetter from Home - A Prose Poem (3/7/04)

Yenda Prado

bulletEast San Jose Reads! Annual Community Literacy Event (9/4/05)

Edie Pricolo

bulletNNV Farewell – You’re invited (11/5/06)
bulletPlease Re-elect Trustee Kim Mesa to Alum Rock School District Board (11/5/06)
bulletClareview Avenue ARUESD Candidates’ Night (11/5/06)
bulletSet on Engineering Career? Society of Women Engineers offers scholarships (2/5/06)
bulletTom Dusek, “The Heartbeat of JLHS” - “Mr. Comet” serves community (10/2/05)

Salvador Quintero

bulletBrain Buster Tournament at ARYC (5/2/04)

John A. Ramos 

bulletBecome a "Friend" of the New Alum Rock Branch Library (10/5/03)

Ellen and Gary Rauh

bulletIs Water Damaging Your House’s Foundation? (4/3/05)

Lori Raymaker, Santa Clara County Open Space Authority 

bulletOSA/Boccardo Trail Christmas Bird Count Scheduled for December 19 (10/31/04)
bullet Boccardo Blooms: Boccardo Trail Hike Report (5/2/04)
bulletBoccardo Blooms: April 4 Boccardo Trail Hike (3/7/04)
bulletVolunteers Needed for Boccardo Trail Patrol (11/2/03)

Scott Restivo

bulletRichard Pombo on a Rampage, 11th District Opposition Builds (12/4/05)

Pombo’s Road: $2 million to study unrealistic, ineffective “solution” (4/3/05)

bulletCongressman Pombo Pushing For Road Over Mt. Hamilton (12/5/04)

Heather Ribbs 

bulletWhat’s In a Name: A chronicle of the Ribbs family (2/1/04)

Sally Ryan, RN, MS, MBA

bulletHomemade Healthcare at Reasonable Costs (6/4/06)

Tim Schacher

bullet"Mt. Hamilton Challenge" Cycling Event Draws Hundreds (5/4/03)

Howard Shellhammer

bulletWalking in the Park - An Alum Rock Park poem (5/2/04)

Marcella Sherman 

bulletAn 1878 Trip to the Summit of Mount Hamilton (10/5/03)

Phyllis Silva

bulletA James Lick Parent Speaks Out, “We have the best of everything at Lick” (5/2/04)

Robert Sletten


Notable Neighbors: Keith Bush, Artist in Residence (1/6/03)

Greg Smestad, Los Californianos

bulletCelebrations Honor the Founding of San José (12/5/04)
bulletExplorer Anza in Santa Clara County, Part 2 (5/2/04)
bulletExplorer Anza in Santa Clara County (4/4/04)

Ed Solis

bulletSix South American Orphans “Camp” in San Jose (9/4/05)

Gay Southwell

bulletNotable Neighbor: Eastside Pastor, Writer, Political Commentator ... (4/3/05)

Stephanie Stapleton

bullet"Illusions" at the Presentation High School Fashion Show (5/4/03)
bulletPreparing for the Presentation High School Fashion Show (3/9/03)

Gerry Stasko

bulletSchool Days in the 1940's - Unlike Ed, she really did "pick prunes" (8/3/03)

Ben Stephenson

bulletIf You’re Afflicted by Stroke, Regional is Ready! (12/4/05)
bulletRMC Institutes Specialized Cardiac Surgery Program (11/6/05)
bulletRegional Medical Expansion on Horizon - Patient Access Unhindered (10/2/05)
bulletNew COO at Regional Medical Center Oversees Hospital Expansion (9/4/05)

Sucheon Sung

bulletThe Coffee Cup - Great coffee, Michelle’s wonderful smile (6/4/06)

Peggy Susoeff

bulletEast Hills Preschool Event Draws Real Crowd (6/5/05)

Rich Tayor

bulletAlum Rock Little League Season Debuts (5/7/06)

Darlene Tenes

bulletCelebrate at the Plaza (8/6/06)
bulletNeighborhood Newsmaker: Mama Maniac receives Freedom Fighter Award (4/2/06)

Lily Tenes

bulletRAINBOWS - "From Hurt, to Healing, to Hope" (12/4/05)

Roy Terrell 

bulletThe Early Days of Mark's Hot Dogs (12/7/03)

Kathleen Boesch Tirri 

bullet"Walter the Witcher" Finds Water (12/7/03)
bullet What's Behind the Covered Bridge on Penitencia Creek Road? (11/2/03)

Fred Tombor

bullet“Things We Wish We Had Said” Department - The real school test (9/3/06)

Elaine Travers

bulletNeighbors Coalesce to Fight Auto Repair Shop at McKee/Vista (8/7/05)

Ellen Turner

bulletAlum Rock School Board Election: “Gustavo Gonzales has my support” (10/8/06)

Nancy Valby

bulletNotable Neighbor: Anne Dunham - Iowa Girl in the West Makes a Difference (5/1/05)

Jeff Villarreal

bulletThe National Hispanic University Launches Recruitment Campaign (5/1/05)

Liesl Violante

bulletJambo! Habari aku? Greetings from Kenya, Africa and Rafikis Coffee Hut (9/4/05)
bulletJambo Rafikis! Report from Uganda and Kenya (6/1/03)

Stephen F. Von Till, Attorney

bulletLegal Eyes: Spite Fences (and Trees) - Beauty and privacy? (10/8/06)
bulletLegal Eyes: Living Trusts - Don’t hold your breath in 2009 (9/3/06)
bulletLegal Eyes: Partnership Agreements - Get it in writing (8/6/06)
bulletLegal Eyes: Who Pays if Tenant’s Dog Bites? (6/4/06)

Eleanor Weber Dickman, San José Public Library Foundation

bulletSupport Our New Library With Your Gift (6/5/05)

Esther Weger

bulletMarguerite Terrace, A California P.E.O. Home - Come visit our facility (10/2/05)

Richard and Veronica Wildanger

bulletHillcrest Neighbors Honor Founding Fathers on July 4th (8/6/06)
bulletHillcrest Neighborhood Watch Hosts First Annual Halloween Parade (12/4/05)

Bill Zavlaris

bulletA Tribute to Bonnie Bamburg: The Epitome of the Committed Citizen (11/5/06)
bulletCommunity Volunteers: A tribute to Bradley and Billiana Bening (10/8/06)
bulletResponse to James Desmond's Missive on Pombo’s Road (11/6/05)

Judy and Allan Thompson

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