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A monthly newsletter for, by and about the people who
live in the foothills and neighborhoods east of San Jose.
E-mail us at or call (408) 272-7008.

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NNV, like Public TV, depends on donations to survive.  We appreciate donations of any size.  Just $10 or $15 will help us a lot and enable us to keep publishing more stories and photos.

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Prefer to make a donation by mail?  Just mail a check to New Neighborhood Voice, 16174 Highland Drive, San Jose, CA 95127.  Please make checks payable to New Neighborhood Voice.

NNV Organization and Tax Information

New Neighborhood Voice is supported by our Founding Sponsors, donations and a few ads.  All our writers and photographers are unpaid volunteers - as are we.  We all do this as a community service - not to make a profit.  However, NNV is not a non-profit organization for tax purposes and thus we cannot provide a tax deductible contribution receipt for donations.

New Neighborhood Voice Subscription Information 

E-mail subscriptions to the newsletter are free.  

A $10 annual donation is requested for mail subscriptions to help cover printing and postage costs.  
To Subscribe: E-mail with "Subscribe" in the Subject line or call (408) 272-7008. 
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Why bother to subscribe to NNV?

The benefits of being a New Neighborhood Voice subscriber include: 


You'll receive an e-mail to let you know when a new edition of NNV has been published. You can then use the links in the e-mail to read or print the new current edition. The individual links can be used to select the stories which interest you.


You'll receive occasional special editions of NNV when significant events affecting our neighborhoods happen outside our normal publication cycle. 


You can be an active member of the NNV community and send us Letters to the Editor and items for the Community Bulletin Board. In other words, you can participate in what's happening in our neighborhoods, rather than being just a passive observer.

New Neighborhood Voice
Judy Thompson
16174 Highland Drive, San Jose, CA 95127
Phone (408) 272-7008, Fax (408) 272-4040

Your ideas and comments are always welcome. 
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Opinions expressed by other writers and contributors are not necessarily shared by NNV. 

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