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October 5, 2003

East Hills Community Association Elections Cancelled

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October 1, 2003

Dear friends & neighbors:

ALERT: October 4 Election of Officers for the East Hills Community Association has been CANCELLED.

At our meeting last week to plan for the October 4th "election of officers" of the East Hills Community Association, it was decided that we needed to generate a lot more energy and interest than has been expressed to date in order to hold a fair election. We talked about holding a neighborhood potluck -- a "get-to-know-each other" event instead at some time in the near future. To help make such a "kick-off" campaign as successful as possible, Joan Cotta made a great suggestion that we first get an education concerning how to get this group re-started. The City offers a series of free courses on this topic which Joan and myself are willing to attend. Please contact Joan ( or me ( if you are interested in attending with us or getting more information and/or getting involved.

The plan for the remainder of this year is to: (1) get a basic training from the City and PACT; (2) regularly engage our neighbors and friends in dialogue about their possible interest in the Association as well as identifying what kinds of things are important to them in this community; (3) organize a fun family potluck at the Joseph George Community Center at which time we could pick a project for the following year; (4) support the annual Posada in December; and (5) prepare to hold elections in January. We have a good foundation to start from -- the support of PACT; the experience of the original board members; Joan has been instrumental in revising the by-laws for the new Board to approve; and money is in the bank for an outreach campaign.

The decision to hold off elections was made so that everyone who has a vested interest in what happens in our immediate neighborhood has an opportunity to get involved at some level.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Tanya Freudenberger

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