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November 2, 2003

Boesch Hall
The Art Deco Backbar from the DeAnza Hotel
There Were Lots of Parties Here!

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Sorry about the TV in front of the bar - and the reflections!
(NNV Photo)

There were lots of parties here!
This is Kathleen Boesch Tirri's dad's 70th birthday party in July of 1985

Photo from Kathleen Boesch Tirri
Walter Boesch: my dad (white shirt on top left edge of the photo)
Peggy Silva: (blue top white pants left of the table)
Stan Faraday: (red shirt behind table)
Reba Gonzales: (abstract design top, black pants, front of table)
Martha Busch: my aunt/dad's sister (blue top at bar behind Tony Peters)
Tony Peters: "Peters Bakery" (white/blue plaid shirt, blue pants behind table)
Anna Peters: Tony's wife (white diagonal striped top, blue pants, right of Tony)
Mrs. Chuck Peters: daughter in-law of the Peters (scoop neck top, blue pants, right of Anna)
Dolores Boesch: my mom (blond hair, blue pants, white shoes, behind Mrs. Chuck Peters)
Walter Silva: Peggy's husband (white horizontal striped shirt, black pants at bar, 3rd from the right)
Reggie Kammeyer: (baseball cap at bar, right edge of photo)

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