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November 15, 2002

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Miguelito Bridge - One-Way Traffic Schedule


November 15, 2002

New Neighborhood Voice Traffic Alert

The first complete issue of the New Neighborhood Voice is scheduled for the first week of December. However, the Miguelito Bridge work wouldn't wait until NNV is ready so I'm sending you this little bonus while the information is useful. Please share with your friends and neighbors.

The New Miguelito Pedestrian Bridge  (Photo by Tricia S.)

Miguelito Bridge Traffic
Woe As You Come And Go
One-Way Traffic, 24/7 For 6-8 Weeks

Here is the first "Heads Up" from your New Neighborhood Voice! You have no doubt seen the new traffic lights being installed on either end of the Miguelito Bridge near the Country Club entrance. You just knew that those lights do not portend anything pleasant and you were absolutely correct. NNV has been in touch with the County folks who are responsible for the bridge project and here is what they say:

Hosalli Gangadhara, the County Project Engineer, says that most probably by Tuesday, Nov. 19th, PG&E will have hooked up the power to those lights and that One-Way traffic control will be underway. The barrier rails on each side of the old bridge will be removed and replaced - first those on the Country Club side and then on the other side. There won't be room for Two-Way traffic because heavy concrete K-rail will be set up between the work area and the one remaining lane.

It is not expected that the bridge will need to be completely closed (and traffic rerouted), but Hosalli reminds us that this is a really old bridge, built in 1920, and unforeseen stuff could happen.

But, if all goes as planned, there will be One-Way traffic control for six to eight weeks, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It looks like we should all add a little sitting-in-line time to our schedules as we come and go up and down the hill. Of course, one can always take Miguelito Road out to Mt. Hamilton Road if one is averse to dawdling in traffic. However, if you take that route, please go gently - the folks who live on Miguelito are weary of hotfooted drivers disturbing the peace!

Hosalli wants us all to know that the County "truly regrets the inconvenience to the traveling public." The community consensus seems to be that it will be worth it once we have our upgraded bridge free of walkers, runners and bicyclists who now will be safely out of the way on the new pedestrian bridge.

Santa Clara County and Contractor Names and Telephone Numbers for Miguelito Bridge information:
Hosalli Gangadhara, Project Engineer, (408) 573-2495, E-mail:
Ron Jackson, Senior Civil Engineer, (408) 573-2478, E-mail:
Paul Jensen, Resident Inspector, (408) 494-1373, (408) 690-9470 (cell)
John Stamos, Anderson Pacific (Contractor) Project Manager, (408) 251-5085

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