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September 16, 2004

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Tiny Window of Opportunity for a Major Don’t-Miss Event

No, the sky is not falling and Pombo’s Road hasn’t suddenly been approved, but our own Star Diva is about to make her Twenty-first Century TV debut. Our local Grand Canyon, our Little Yosemite, our magnificent Dowager Queen, Alum Rock Park, will be featured on “California’s Golden Parks” on Wednesday afternoon, September 29th at 2:00 PM on KQED TV, Channel 9.

NNV is disappointed that the show will be offered at such an inaccessible hour for so many people, but we couldn’t persuade KQED to run it in prime time. However, KCSM hopes to run it in a 5:00 PM slot sometime in April of next year. We’re waiting to hear if other area PBS stations will be showing it at other times. Watch the NNV Community Bulletin Board for updates on other times it will be shown.

During the taping of the show last spring, NNV tagged along with host Huell Howser, Alum Rock Park Supervisor Mike McClintock and Park Ranger Jane Lawson as they explored the treasures and lore of the park. Click here to see what we wrote about the experience and the photos we took. Then watch to see how it looks on TV on the 29th.

Click here to see the KQED schedule for September 29th.

If you’re interested, click here to purchase the video of the Alum Rock Park episode or see which other parks are in the series. Alternatively, you may want to record it. By all means, have your kids watch it. This program will be part of Santa Clara Valley history when your children are grown. In the year 2050, tapes of this 2004 show will probably appear just as antiquated as the “Valley of Hearts Delight” film produced in the 1930’s (and featuring scenes of Alum Rock Park) does today. We expect part of this old film to be in the new show. Don’t miss this Golden (Park) Opportunity!

We hope you’ll also watch our Community Bulletin Board for information on upcoming community events and meetings:


Judy Thompson
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