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Newsletter - Special Edition 16

March 20, 2006

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Hard-Won Opportunity to Have Your Voice Heard!

Alum Rock School District choosing next Superintendent of Schools

The board of trustees of the ARUESD (our challenged local elementary school district) is in the process of determining who the new leader of our district will be. This all-important decision needs community input.

Why this matters: All school districts need exemplary leadership. The Superintendent of Schools must exemplify professional integrity and experience. Alum Rock, in particular should not compromise on this opportunity to hire the finest person available to fill the position. We urge you to attend this community’s final opportunity to give input.

Friday, March 24, 2006 5:00 PM *
Board Room, District Office 2930 Gay Ave.

At this special public board meeting, the qualifications/characteristics of the next Superintendent will be determined based on input from the Board and all Stakeholders and a series of interview questions will be developed.

Community stakeholders include parents, teachers, school site staff and other district employees, community-based organizations, business leaders, other community agencies and interested community members.

Please note: Tonight, Monday, March 20, there will be an opportunity to meet and discuss your ideas of what Alum Rock needs in a leader with ARUESD board consultant, Dr. Uvaldo Palomares, at Sheppard Middle School, 480 Rough & Ready Road, at 6:30 PM and tomorrow night at Mathson Middle School, 2050 Kammerer, also at 6:30 PM.

* Watch the NNV Community Bulletin Board for the meeting agenda.

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