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May 20, 2003

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Alum Rock Branch Library Planning Meeting

Thursday, 5/22/03, 6:30 PM, Mexican Heritage Plaza Gallery

Last fall when New Neighborhood Voice was just a gleam in your editor’s eye, it came to light that lots and lots of local folks were extremely peeved that they were left off the invitation list for the community planning meetings of our new library branch at Alum Rock Avenue and White Roads. As a matter of fact, NNV did a detailed article in the December edition explaining the situation and vowed that, with the cooperation of the City of San Jose’s library folks, we would keep our readers informed as early as possible of upcoming meetings.

Well, NNV didn’t get any notice to pass on to you regarding the meeting this Thursday evening at 6:30 at the Mexican Heritage Plaza. The meeting is a “community meeting with the public artists” who have been chosen to do the public art at the new library branch as well as for the shopping district at the intersection of King and Story Roads. It is a public meeting and you are invited.

A recurrent theme in the concerns that come into NNV is that people are indignant because important meetings are being held and decisions are being made with insufficient or no notice to the people who would like to have a say. This meeting came to our attention only because it was mentioned on a flyer which was handed out at the James Lick High School parking lot ribbon-cutting ceremony last Saturday.

It’s a shame that this alert gives you readers such short notice, but it took two days to pin down the right person to share the details. Finally, today, a very helpful person gave me this information. The Web site for the new San Jose libraries is at but it is not easy to find the information on the meetings.

You can read the current edition of NNV online at The next edition of NNV will be out about June 1st.


Judy Thompson
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