New Neighborhood Voice

February 1, 2004

The Californio - Selestina Soto de Gonzales

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Early NNV readers will remember that Ed told us about our
nearby Ranchos in the first story he wrote for NNV over a year
ago now - note the location of Penitencia Creek and Alum Rock
(from Santa Clara County Ranchos by Clyde Arbuckle and Ralph Rambo, 1968)

Selestina's cousin General Mariano Vallejo
with his daughter and granddaughters
(Photo from Ed Allegretti)

Rancho La Polka, where Selestina
and her husband raised cattle,
was clear down here by Gilroy
(also from Santa Clara County Ranchos)

Click here to read Ed's story on East Hills Ranchos in the third edition of NNV.  Use the Back button on your browser to return to this edition.

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