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February 1, 2004

James Lick High School
November 2003 Death Valley Trip

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On Salt Flats at Badwater - students
learn how salt is deposited. Note the
earthquake scarp in the background

Students investigate salt crystal
formations at Devil's Golf Course


German exchange student,
Jana Politisch, walking
in a wash

Group photo at Artist's Palette. 
Top row: Megan Kransky, Precious Bowes, Nicole Lopez,
Stormi Ramirez, Jasmine Hatch, Jennifer Soares, Jason Ramos.
Bottom row: Kat Hannah, Carol Lindstrom, Adrienne Huesca, Vanessa Flores, Jana Politisch, John Uribe, Judy Rabano,
Ramon Santos.  On ground: Marco Pelayo.

(Photos by Emanuel Sousa)

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