New Neighborhood Voice

June 6, 2004

VTA Light Rail
Arriving at the Great Mall
(Note that the Milpitas stops have a different take on public art.  The
white-on-white character contrasts with the bold colors of the San Jose stops.)

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The Montague stop canopy by Deborah Mersky
represents garden flowers on subtle carved glass

Even the shadows are beautiful

Now we're at the Great Mall stop - subtly different than Montague
but part of the Milpitas pattern. Note the corn and steering wheel!

This stop is up on the elevated section with
beautiful views - and an elevator to ground level

Here you can see the view and one of artist John Okulick's woven railing
panels suggestive of baskets and computer boards.  Note the elevated
crossing over the street - the stop is a level above the over crossing.

(NNV Photos)

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