New Neighborhood Voice

August 1, 2004

First Alum Rock Library "Parlor Meeting"
Wine and Cheese at the Allegrettis'

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San Jose Public Library Foundation Executive
Director Marie Bernardy (r.) spoke at the “Parlor
Meeting” at Ed and Connie Allegretti’s house

San Jose Library Director Jane Light (r.) with
NNV Writer Jason Papier and his wife Susan


Foundation Board of Directors President Jan Fox (l.) with
Dick and Tanya Freudenberger.  Tanya has just been
appointed to fill Trustee Adriana Garza’s empty seat on
the Alum Rock Union School District Board of Trustees.

John Leyba (r.) is also expected to
run for an ARUSD trustee's seat in
the next school board election. Guest
John Clemmons is at Leyba's right.

(NNV Photos)

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