New Neighborhood Voice

September 5, 2004

San Jose Fire Department Station 2
and the Empire Engine Company

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The equipment bays on Engine 2 carry both traditional
firefighting equipment (yes, that's a hand saw to be used

when there's danger that a spark from a power saw could

ignite a fire or set off an explosion) and medical equipment.

Captain Guerrero showed us the defibrillator.
The medicine locker is just to the left.


Captain Guerrero reminds us that any fire
station is a "Safe Place" for your children -
or for you - anytime you feel threatened

Please check the batteries in your smoke detector if
you didn't do it when we changed to daylight savings
time. The car seats (above) are here in case either
the fire department or the police department have to
transport a child on a fire engine or in a police car.

(NNV Photos)

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