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October 3, 2004

San Jose Fire Department Station 2
Truck Company 2

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Remember Truck 2 is usually a lime-green “fire truck” with a pump, 65 foot ladder and an

especially short wheelbase which can negotiate tight switchback corners. This is the American
Lafrance “replacement truck” from the maintenance yard that was there the day we visited.
Yes, that's a firefighter at the left clipping the hedge - remember "your mother doesn't work here."

Battalion Chief Luna with Light Unit 2 behind the station. This lime-green vehicle, also part of Truck Company 2,
carries big floodlights (on top of the vehicle) and other tools and equipment (we saw some big power saws and
 other power equipment while we were there). The purpose of this unit is to provide the lighting at crash sites
or a fire at night, especially when the firefighters have cut the utilities so a building can be entered safely.

(NNV Photos)

Click here for more photos from SJFD Station 2. Click here to see a photo of the real Truck 2.

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