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October 3, 2004

San Jose Fire Department Station 2
Jaws of Life

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Truck 2 also carries the “Jaws of Life” which can be used like a big can opener to get into cars and other
vehicles when doors can’t be opened after a crash. Engineer Dan Gamban and Firefighter Felipe Ibarra
demonstrated how these tools work while we were there.  The portable hydraulic unit that powers these tools
is at the top of the photo. Yes, Allan thought they were waaay too close to his car while they were doing this.


In case the jaws don't do it, they
are prepared to cut their way in

The third tool is a jack (just behind the helmet). The
hydraulic unit can power two of the three tools at once.

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Next Time: Why is Engine Company 2 the "Empire Engine Company" and how can it be more than 150 years old?, History of Station 2 (When was it built?, What fire department built it?, How did it get to be a San Jose Fire Department station?)

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