New Neighborhood Voice

October 31, 2004

Notable Neighbor Dennis Nahat
Artistic Director, Ballet San Jose Silicon Valley

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The Nutcracker, December 16-26, 2004

"Celebrating our 25th annual
performance" ornament

Prince Alexis (danced by Le Mai Lihn) leaps for joy as he returns to his
home of Moscovy in Dennis Nahat's stunning version of THE NUTCRACKER
Photo by Robert Shomler

Middle Kingdom - Ancient China, World Premiere, February 10-13, 2005

Costumes and Scenery: Ching Shyu
Shown here: Act I; Scene 6 Bamboo Guards

Costumes and Scenery: Ching Shyu
Shown here: Act 2; Scene 9 High Priest

Pirates of Penzance - November 18-21, 2004

Frederic - Costumes by Margaret Heaman

Pirate King - Costumes by Margaret Heaman

(Photos provided by Ballet San Jose Silicon Valley)

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