New Neighborhood Voice

June 5, 2005

Mariposa Tulip in Alum Rock Park

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"Has anyone seen a Square Mariposa Tulip? This is the first we've seen, a rare
find in the park, only two at the top of South Rim. A rare elegant beauty from its
Corinthian base to its exquisitely ornate petals reminiscent of Japanese art."

"While out with her running group yesterday, Sue and her companions,
Rox and Charmon were so delayed while admiring the flowers, the
rest of the team were certain something had happened and came back
to look for them. As it happens, Charmon used to teach wild flowers
and at the very top of South Rim, she walked back around behind the
bench and folded back some weeds to reveal a single Mariposa tulip."

(Photos by Richard Brown)

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