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October 2, 2005

VTA Rapid 22 Bus

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The Rapid 522 rapidly approaches the bus stop on the
northwest corner of Alum Rock at Capitol Avenue


The inside of the bus somewhere in
Sunnyvale. The bus was full from East San
Jose to Santa Clara, including many minors on the
 way to school. Without signed parental releases,
I was unable to take photos for publication.



The road sign for Page Mill Road
as seen from inside the bus.
Hey, wait! Can't we stop short?
My office is right there!

The Rapid 522 leaves the bus stop on El Camino Real at California Avenue,
(north) westbound for the Palo Alto Transit Center, the final stop. The sun in
shining and the leaves are green! There is music in the air (from my iPod).

(Camera Phone Photos - and captions - by John Leyba)

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