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February 5, 2006

Navy Panther Jet Midair Collision Over the
East Foothills on Monday, December 27, 1954

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Panther at Sea - F9F-2 Panther on the flight deck of the USS Franklin D. Roosevelt circa 1950.
Note how the wings fold so the planes can be moved and stored on the ship. The plane is
on an elevator at the side of the flight deck which will take it to the hangar deck below.
(Photo from Navsource Online)

Delivery flight of new Panther from from Grumman Aircraft
in Bethpage, New York. F9F jets were not large aircraft.
(Photo from, circa 1947)

Panther prepares to land on aircraft carrier. Note that the carrier is just turning into the wind so
the plane can land at a slower speed relative to the ship.  Also note the tail hook under the tail
of the plane which will catch the arresting cables on the ship to stop the plane as it lands.
(Photo from the National Archives)

(Photos from David Frizzell)

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