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April 2, 2006

Supervisor Pete McHugh's
Priorities and Achievements

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Pete McHugh’s Major Priorities

• Improve government efficiency.

• Provide affordable housing and reduce traffic congestion.

• Provide an efficient and effective Criminal Justice System.

• Continue to provide the safety net for those in need.

• Build a multi-cultural community that embraces diversity.

• Protect feral animals and wildlife from the continued industrial growth of the Valley.

• Support and assist veterans and seniors who are often underrepresented.

Major Achievements as County Supervisor
1996 to the present

• Established high bond ratings and healthy reserves.

• Established the Office of Affordable Housing.

• Supported the completion of the new Valley Medical Center which increased healthcare access for County residents.

• Passed Measure A in November 2000 which plans to bring BART to San Jose.

• Established the Children’s Health Initiative.

• Increased the County's financial reserves.

• Upgraded the County's bond ratings.

• Increased the General Fund Subsidy to the Valley Medical Center.

• Focused on reducing jail overcrowding and consolidated the Superior and Municipal Courts.

• Established Juvenile Detention Reform.

• Created the annual Unity in Diversity Program in 1998.

• Hosted Palestinian Cultural Day since June 2002.

• Implemented Electronic Voting using Direct Recording Electronic (DRE) Machines.

Major Achievements as City of Milpitas Council Member & Mayor
1976- 1996

• Provided opportunities to all ethnic groups to participate in the City’s Boards and Commissions.

• Expanded library services.

• Laid the foundation for bringing light rail to Milpitas.

• Converted Ayer High School site into a sports complex, which is equal to any in Santa Clara County.

• Instrumental in the development of the Milpitas Town Center, the Milpitas Town Square, and the Great Mall of the Bay Area.

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