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April 2, 2006

Santa Clara County FireSafe Council
Big Celebration for New Federal Grants

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SCFSC Executive Coordinator Jan Cokely
ready to cut the fire-truck decked creation

Yes, this is sparkling cider - not champagne -
behind the cake (the meeting was 10:00 AM)

Almost ready to toast the occasion are (from left to right): Santa Clara County Fire Department Deputy Chief Dirk Mattern,
CDF Battalion Chief Dave Athey, Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District Area Superintendent Michael Newburn,
Santa Clara County Open Space Authority General Manager Pat Congdon, Pacific Gas and Electric Company
Forester Chris Hughes, Allan Thompson and San Jose Fire Department Wildland Officer Captain Jose Guerrero

(NNV Photos)

Click here for more photos and information on the Santa Clara County FireSafe Council Web site.

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