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May 7, 2006

Alum Rock Little League
Season Opens

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Master of Ceremonies Randy Lira. Randy Lira
does a wonderful job of announcing the opening
ceremonies. Randy played baseball at ARLL as
a child. He now coaches and umpires.

Opening Day Action. Once the ceremonies were
concluded, the season kicked off with games in all
divisions. Seen here are the Giants vs. the Yankees in
the Major division, ages 10-12. The Giants won 3-0.


2005 10 Year Old District All Star Champions. Last year’s
10 year old all star team beat 11 other teams in San Jose’s
District 59 tournament. Alum Rock Little League has a
long history of championship teams at all age levels.

T-Ball A’s. Little Leaguers start playing baseball at
age 5. Kids learn to hit a ball on a stationary tee.

(Photos from Rich Taylor)

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