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September 3, 2006

Plans Are Being Made to Clean Village Sidewalks!

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Gina Vella is President of Universal
Sweeping Services, once her
dad’s company. David Sanchez is
Universal’s Regional Sales Manager.

(l.-r.): RDA’s Eva Klinger, Mary Ducommon, owner of Ducommon’s
Sporting Goods, and Lisa Regua, owner of Teezers Salon, discuss Village
cleaning needs with David Sanchez (holding clip board out of photo).


Ms. Kim, owner of Sky Wireless,
keeps her sidewalk area tidy.
Her shop was recently broken into
with much loss of merchandise!

A disgusting mess of debris between two shops on the north side of Alum
Rock Avenue in the Village.
Universal would reach in as far as
they can and snag as much of the
junk as possible, according to David.

Alum Rock and White Road corner
denizen, “Henry,” makes a point of
keeping his corner free of litter. He
sells the Mercury News every morning
and is a very pleasant ambassador to
the northeast corner of the intersection.

(NNV Photos)

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