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October 8, 2006

Hector Vega
JLHS Valedictorian

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Hector is just as friendly and disarming as he appears in this
June photo. It was a pleasure to interview this intellectual star.

Julissa Huerta was the primary Lick mentor noted by
Hector. She is an energetic dynamo of a teacher/counselor. She’s a U.S. citizen but her early childhood was spent
in Mexico. Speaking only Spanish, she herself was
mentored by teachers who saw her potential after she
came back to the U.S. She inspires students to do
the hard work necessary to reach their full potential.

Mildred Llanos-Richards is perhaps James Lick’s most
honored educator and counselor. Her work with Lick’s
English-learner parents in a special program to help
them learn English has earned her prestige which goes
beyond the walls of Lick High. She is Principal Bill Rice’s
right hand working with him to smooth the articulation
process for students coming to Lick from the feeder
middle schools. Mildred was born in South America and
came to this country to study at an American university.

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