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November 5, 2006

Portuguese Immigrants Shaped Agriculture in East San Jose
Photos from the family album of Lara Gularte

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Class photo of Huyck School located at the horseshoe turn.
My father remembers his teacher, Ms. Voss. In the far right bottom
corner is Johnny Ramos. My father is on the other end. My cousin Marie
who lives in Carson City is the little blonde girl (first row girls.) She has
her head turned. Next to her is my aunt Marie. My Dad knows most of
the kids in this photo and most are Portuguese and many are relatives.

My dad, Henry Gularte, on the ranch with
his dog Sage. They roamed the hills
together hunting for dinner. My dad says
when they needed the services of a dentist
they would see one in downtown San Jose
who would take a rabbit or two for payment.


My grandmother, Margaret with
friends in the East Foothills. Note
the apricot trays in the background.
My grandmother has the big bow.

My grandparents and another family in the East Foothills.

(Photos from Lara Gularte)

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