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A monthly newsletter for, by and about the people who
live in the foothills and neighborhoods east of San Jose.
E-mail us at or call (408) 272-7008.

About NNV

New Neighborhood Voice Vision and Mission

The mission of New Neighborhood Voice is to keep you informed about issues relevant to our neighborhood and to provide a forum for the many points of view represented by our diverse community.

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NNV stopped publishing with the November 5, 2006 edition. We hope someone will step forward and start a new publication. Click here to read more about our plans.

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New Neighborhood Voice Staff and Contributing Writers

Click on a name to see a list of stories written by each author


Judy Thompson (

Feature Writers:

Edward Allegretti
Meaghan Clawsie (

Dorothy "D.J." Johnson, YSI

Arvind Kumar, California Native Plant Society

Bracey Tiede, UC CE Master Gardener
Judy Thompson (

Contributing Officials:

San Jose City Councilmember Nora Campos

Santa Clara County Librarian Melinda Cervantes

San Jose Fire Department Chief Jeff Clet

CDF Director Ruben Grijalva

San Jose Fire Department Captain José Guerrero

San Jose Fire Department Captain Juan Diaz
State Assemblymember Manny Diaz

Regional Medical Center of San Jose CEO Bill Gilbert
James Lick High School Co-Director Joel Herrera

U.S. Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren

ARUESD Superintendent Elect Norma Martinez
Santa Clara County Supervisor Pete McHugh
Santa Clara County Roads & Airports
     Department Director Michael Murdter 
James Lick High School Principal Bernardo Olmos 
San Jose Fire Department Captain Ralph Ortega 
San Jose City Councilmember Chuck Reed

James Lick High School Co-Director Bill Rice

Santa Clara Valley Water District Director Richard P. Santos
Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie Smith
Alum Rock Youth Center Supervisor Ed Solis 

Lt. Kristen Tarabetz, Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office

Superintendent Ken Van Meter, Milpitas Christian Schools

Contributing Writers:

Roger Abe, Alum Rock Park Ranger

Abaan Abu-Shumays 
Ahmad Abu-Shumays 
Pat Accorinti 

Peter Albert
Janet Alexander, WCSV 
Connie Allegretti 
Joyce Baker 
Bonnie Bamburg 

Ruth Brewster

Richard Brown

Nancy Bugwadia, MS, RD, CNSD, Regional Medical Center

Lark Burkhart, Santa Clara County Open Space Authority
LaJune Bush 
Kathleen Cahill & Trudi Burney, WCSV
Terry Carolan 
Brad Clawsie  

David Cohen

Pat Congdon, Santa Clara County Open Space Authority
Alan Craig 
Gaye Dabalos 

Jenny Derry, Santa Clara County Farm Bureau

James Desmond
Mike and Joan Destro

Mark DeTar

Sandra Dixon 

Peter Drekmeier
Elizabeth Driedger 
Anne Dunham, Youth Science Institute

Craig Dunkerley
Robin Edwards
David Elizarraraz 

Rebecca Elliot, League of California Cities

Victoria Emmons, Regional Medical Center of San Jose

Jamie Evans

Kathy Evans

Lizelle Festejo

Enrique Flores

Andrea Flores Shelton
Tanya Freudenberger

David Frizzell

Lori Karadunis Frost

Donna Furuta

Nancy Garrison, UC CE Master Gardener Program Coordinator

Miki Gash

Kate Gates

Dan Gentile

Al Gonzales
Lara Gularte

Leti Gutierrez

Nancy Gutierrez 

Rick Hartman
Marci Hayden

Lee Hayward

Alan Henninger
Nella Henninger 
Wil Henninger 

Karen Hokanson

Sally Holt

Linda Karadunis

Neena Kirschner

Doug Kleinhenz

Judith Knutson

Lee Kopp

Charlotte Lewis

John Leyba

Tony Logan

Sylvia Lowe

Deva Luna

Joanne Makishima
Evalyn Martinez 

Chris Miller

Stephanie Mitchum Murphy

Margaret Montgomery

Tina Morgado

Susanne Mulcahy, Youth Science Institute

Tomoko Nakajima

Kirsten Nelson  

Lorraine Oback, San Jose Public Library
Spencer Olsson Nitkey
Comfort Olsson 

Doug Paganelli, Hubbard Administrator
Jason Papier
Mary Parker-Eves, Alum Rock United Methodist Church
Eileen Parks 

Dana Peak, SCC Historical Heritage Commission
Jennifer Pineda
Dr. John Pollock, SJSU

Yenda Prado

Edie Pricolo
Salvador Quintero
John A. Ramos 

Ellen and Gary Rauh
Lori Raymaker, Santa Clara County Open Space Authority

Scott Restivo
Heather Ribbs 

Sally Ryan, RN, MS, MBA
Tim Schacher 
Howard Shellhammer
Marcella Sherman 
Phyllis Silva
Robert Sletten 
Greg Smestad, Los Californianos

Ed Solis

Gay Southwell
Stephanie Stapleton 
Gerry Stasko 

Ben Stephenson

Sucheon Sung

Peggy Susoeff

Rich Tayor

Darlene Tenes

Lily Tenes

Roy Terrell 
Kathleen Boesch Tirri 

Fred Tombor

Elaine Travers

Ellen Turner

Nancy Valby

Jeff Villarreal
Liesl Violante

Stephen F. Von Till, Attorney

Eleanor Weber Dickman, San José Public Library Foundation

Esther Weger

Richard and Veronica Wildanger

Bill Zavlaris


Richard Brown

Meaghan Clawsie (
Elizabeth Driedger
Dan Gentile, DG Productions, (408) 251-1131
Cindy Oliver
Darek Przygoda
Emanuel Sousa
Sonja Troncoso
And lots of others who have contributed their photos!

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Allan Thompson (

New Neighborhood Voice
Judy Thompson
16174 Highland Drive, San Jose, CA 95127
Phone (408) 272-7008, Fax (408) 272-4040

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